What About Incoresoft ?

Incoresoft is a company that develops solutions in the field of video analytics and object recognition in city based on artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks.

Incoresoft has created a modern global product that uses innovative approaches to video monitoring and security of cities and companies.

Incoresoft is a European company founded in 2015. We have a team of 30 highly skilled IT professionals working with neural networks and artificial intelligence. VEZHA is one of the leading projects of Incoresoft. VEZHA strives for excellence to improve urban safety. We will show you our safety directions

Each of us strives to live in a safe and modern city!

A protected city, an orderly situation on the roads, and a minimum number of unsolved crimes – all of this and much more has become real with the help of specialized solutions from the company Incoresoft.

It is necessary to identify and find a person, car, or object in the flow – Incoresoft provides a number of solutions for each task. We will help prevent the theft of vehicles; improve the efficiency of search for missing children; adults who have committed an offense; and speed up the detection of criminal and administrative offenses.

Our technologies provide access to analytics, the definition of key selection criteria, to perform a number of necessary measures to ensure the main areas of security.

Are you the owner of a retail outlet, store, or shopping center?

We offer you to increase your revenue and average check, evaluate the attractiveness of advertising, reduce the stock of seasonal goods using solutions from Incoresoft. Based on the gender and age detector, we clearly form the target audience and the buyer portrait, according to such criteria as: age and gender. A heatmap identifies and helps measure customer activity towards a particular product, helping to move low-demand products to more prominent places.

The motion detector will help prevent offenses and inappropriate behavior on the territory of a store or retail outlet, as well as protect against intrusion into the territory, quickly identify left things to prevent terrorist attacks and explosions. The queues detector module will help unload cashiers and increase the throughput of cash registers.

Are you the owner of an industry or buisness owner?

Business solutions from Incoresoft allow you to keep track of customers and visitors, analyze traffic in your shopping, office or entertainment center. This makes it possible to control the workload on employees, avoid crowds and queues, and attract investors, advertisers, etc. to your business.

It is important to take into account that the infrastructure of any business is at risk: vandals and hooligans, intruders who want to enter closed parking lots or offices, violators of parking rules near your office. To stop all these risks from being a headache for your business, you should take advantage of the system’s capabilities.

It contains all the tools that will make the environment as comfortable, efficient and secure as possible for your employees, guests and partners.

What could be more important than safety of our children?

The protection state of individual vital interests from internal and external threats is the main task of all educational institutions.

Using smart modules from Incoresoft, the level of security in educational institutions is significantly higher.

Our solutions provide control of vehicle admission to the territory, control of people admission, as well as restrictions for persons who are prohibited from being near schools and kindergartens.

Modules of traffic analytics, congestion, detection of weapons and intrusions, help to record minor disciplinary violations, identify dangerous criminals and prevent crimes of all kinds.

With solutions from Incoresoft, your children are safe!

Effective protection of private property is the ♯1 task for everyone!

We offer to increase the level of territory security, using intelligent modules from Incoresoft, which solve a number of urgent problems for private homes, apartments, and residential complexes.

You control entry and exit of vehicles from territory. If necessary, you can recognize the license plates of vehicles.

In case of illegal intrusion into private property, you have access to recognition of human faces, the detection of abandoned objects, and illegal behavior recording.

With solutions from Incoresoft, your private property is safe!

Protection of public transportation as Airport/Railway Station/Subway

Airports, train stations, and subways – preventing possible attacks at these locations is vital in modern world.

We offer a range of solutions to improve the safety of personnel and passengers in crowded places, which include: license plate recognition; if necessary, find a person – face recognition module; control of people number and early detection of queues.

To maintain fire safety, we offer smoke and fire detection modules. Prevention of terrorist attacks is controlled by identifying abandoned items and tracking passengers from different cameras.

Security specialists must be up to date with technologies and be ready to prevent various threats. Incoresoft will help you to solve this!

VEZHA’s products include license plate and face recognition, helmets and object detection, traffic analytics and gate control. VEZHA constantly monitors recordings from CCTV cameras installed in the city. VEZHA analyzes data to respond to potentially dangerous situations in a city or small village.

Products for Safety

License Plate Recognition

Identify the number, make, color and vehicles route in traffic

Face Recognition

You may detect and recognize faces in the stream, compare it with the monitoring list and get notified about a match

Object Detection

Identify people, vehicles and animals in a previously defined area/zone

Hard Hats Detection

Determine if staff have hard hats when working in a factory, construction area or warehouse


Determine the intensity, quantity and consist of vehicles traffic or people

Crowds of People

You make detect and recognize facesin the stream, compare it with the monitoring list